Scabies Beware!

Take it from people that have tried and succeeded!


Print this blog out as a handout for you OR to give to other people you may suspect of being infected by Scabies. It is your responsibility to inform other people, especially if you infect them, as most doctors will mis-diagnose them anyway.  If you’re here, you know… and you can help them. If they complain of itching, just give them this handout.

Stop it before it spreads.  I would also recommend printing this handout as well, which is also a great article “how to” on Wiki.

This lady here goes over treating Collembolla (Good info for either mite):

Please leave comments below with suggestions for making this list better!!  I’m looking forward to updating this list until it is foolproof and easily accessible to ALL who need it.

One very important note from the author: Find out which mite it is that you have; Scabies, Collembola, etc… know your symptoms & research!! These 2 above are both microscopic (invisible), but there’s a lot more out there! Some doctors will try to convince you that 90% of all cases are an allergy, not mites. A lot of times, this is the case, but intelligent people know the difference. Buying a “microscope that scans to a laptop” and doing the scraping yourself is one way to get a definitive answer. My Dad got a scraping from the doctor that revealed nothing, probably incompetent doctors or lab techs, who knows, but both of us can see the mites in our eyes when we look out at a bright cloudy sky. We see them swimming around in our eyes!! Something about the lens of the eye acting similar to a microscope.  They say Scabies doesn’t go over the neck, so we are more likely to have a different mite. I’m buying a microscope soon to finally get a picture on my laptop of this bug. But the treatments shouldn’t differ much. Just food for thought.



By Scott Brogan (collectively with the advice & stories of many cured people & many scabies sufferers)
Updated 2/5/2013

I don’t work for some company. I make NO money giving you this information.  I’m doing this because I want to help people, using the knowledge that I have attained, through personal experience, research & trial and error and also with the help of other people that suffer through this horrible ordeal.  It’s not just the fact that you have it, but you give it to other people, that otherwise were free of it including adults and CHILDREN!  Some jerk gave you scabies and now you’re the jerk lol.  At the time I’m writing this, I’ve had it for 9 years. I thought it was called the seven year itch!! haha. I think there are different versions of these bugs (example: Norwegian Scabies). I don’t see how anyone could cure the ones that I have. These little pest are incredibly hard to kill, easily re-distributable & multiply quickly. For all others: “Treatment of All the family members and washing all the clothes used in hot water and sun drying is key to success of treatment..”

Don’t go to the doctor, you’ll just waste your money. Both a doctor and myself can tell you how to get rid of it, but the fact is, you are not going to be a hermit are you? No, you’re going to make human contact, pet your animals, go to work, etc.. and you’re going to get it back from the very people you hang out with. Knowing the tips and tricks will help you to keep it under control. Informing other people of the disease will alert them to the facts, but will also point the blame to you unfortunately. As you can see, I don’t really care who knows about mine. I live life and I do what I do. I do try and take medicated baths before I go out to areas with large amounts of people though. One important note is that, I haven’t been able to cure my eyes yet. I can cure my body, but not my eyes. Still working on that.

IMPORTANT:  Don’t ever touch your eyes again EVER. Hopefully it’s not too late. Keep disposable baby wipes handy or those girly makeup remover sheets and use those if your eyes itch, especially during sleep time. “Refresh Tears” eye drops help the itching, but they don’t cure anything.

IMPORTANT: Another thing to have handy is a hydrogen peroxide spray bottle. If you have to itch your body, spray it with HP first, then itch. I would also recommend adding a strong sulfur product to your spray bottle or anything else listed below that is suitable for the eyes. Keep your “hand-to-body” contact sanitary. Make it second nature. NEVER itch unless you spray it first.

IMPORTANT: If you’re having a really bad night and can’t sleep with the itching, get out of bed and take a tea tree bath. I don’t care what time it is, you’ll thank me later… you’re welcome ;)

IMPORTANT: Remember this one basic fact. These mites like a hot and wet atmosphere. That’s when they’re the most active. Take extra precaution during these times (extra treatment, extra baths)

Anyway, this is my routine, shopping list & instructions:

STEP ONE – Preperation
1. Be prepared to treat ALL people in house & ALL furniture & ALL Clothing and surfaces. (Buying furniture that is non-pourous like leather would be ideal)  All items needed are available at Going to work? Make sure to take a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide.
2. Separate your house into 2 areas:  Things treated=SAFE & Things not treated=INFECTED
This will be your routine from now on. Even your closet should be divided.
3. Purchase SLEEP SAFE BED BUG, ALLERGEN PROOF “QUEEN 12″” Mattress ZipCover
4. Purchase Nature’s Eradicator Enzymes THE BIG ONE. (OPTIONAL but helpful)
5. Purchase LOTS of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate / K2So4)
6. For PETS in household:  Purchase Lime / Sulfur DIP (Optional) or just get a good non toxic dog shampoo and use your treated bath water after you’re done bathing. (Don’t share bath water with other people though, obviously)
7. Children:  Use the same non-toxic homeopathic remedies that you use. They’re gentle.
8. Purchase a weeks worth of cheap, comfortable, thin pair of sleeping clothes & slippers which you will rotate while the other ones are washing & sitting out for a few days. 7 full sets is ideal.  I recommend nylon like running / basketball clothes. It’s airy and doesn’t absorb water.
These are your safe clothes and are not to touch anything else but your skin & your clean bed.
9. Purchase Povidone-Iodine​ 10% Solution (If your eyes are infected) and sterile cotton swabs for application (OPTIONAL) (Don’t get this in your eyes!!! Apply only to top of eyelids with no dripping, see below!!) (This is a suggestion of another person, still waiting to try this myself)
10. Purchase Soft ‘N Style Fine Mist Spray Bottle 8 oz. (Pack of 6)
11. Cover bed with Mattress Zipcover (make sure there are no holes or rips in fabric or near zipper)
12. Wash your sheets, pillow cases and Comforter with Kleen Free if you have it, normal if you don’t. Large heavy comforters are like Mite Hotels… wash this HEAVILY with Kleen Free & dry outside. I solved this problem. I have a satin comforter with synthetic filling, which seems to work much better. (leave these in the washer / dryer until you’re done with your bath)
Wash your bedding as often as possible from now on.
13. Clean your house with chemicals and vacuum. Clean your whole house on a regular basis from here on out. Not like a madman just keep it clean.

STEP TWO – Bodies
Make a hot bath. Add your ingredients. (You’ll figure out the amounts once you get started)  Drip dry (no towel). I rotate these ingredients depending on what I have on hand. The only 2 that remain the same are tea tree oil & sulfur. These are a must. High quality pure (melaleuca alternifolia) tea tree oil. (Beware WFMed on Ebay selling supposed uncut tea tree, it’s chemicals) If you don’t have much money, just use tea tree oil & epsom salts. Puritans Pride & Vitacost sell quality Tea Tree at a reasonable price. Epsom salts can be bought in large quantity for really cheap at pretty much every store.

Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Neem, Eucalyptus spp, Rosemary, Clove, Karanja, Lavender, Peppermint
All of these can be seasonally grown yourself and distilled using an essential oil steam distiller if you have the time, interest & money. Any questions about this just ask :)
Carrier Oils: (to help the other oils penetrate the skin): Equal parts of fractionated coconut oil and olive oil. Extra virgin works fine, or you could get the medical grade.
Enzymes: Kleen Free or Nature’s Eradicator. I need to verify the ingredients in Nature’s Eradicator to make sure these are just enzymes like Kleen Free, but it seems ok FYI. If using these, make sure to use the enzymes first, before oils. (Enzyme bath early in the day, then an oil bath later) (This is a bit expensive. I stopped using it, but it is great stuff)
Boric Acid: boiled down I heard works for the eyes. My grandma used it like that and so does my mom. Be sparing with this, but you could boil quite a bit and then put it in the bath with you.
Sulfur:  Sulfur products galore… sulfur soap, sulfur pills for internal, Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate), Potassium Sulfate (K2S04 and sulfur of potash are the same thing) for baths because it’s water soluble. Sulfur lotion, creams & lotions for when you’re out on the go.

NOTE:  Enzymes and Oils work Symbiotically.  However, there are many other things that can take the place of enzymes, i’m just just using enzymes in this case for instruction.. Use the Enzymes first, then the oils. I’ve heard of Nature’s Eradicator, which is the cousin to Kleen Free, but never tried it. People seem to love it though. Using the enzymes aid the oils absorb into your skin & also work great to get rid of scabies

1. Enzyme Bath & Enzyme body spray (just search Amazon for Enzyme scabies spray or bath)
*Kills any living scabies mites and eggs on skin surface & any scabies larvae emerging to skin surface.
2. Hot Oil Bath & Oil based skin treatment  (Usually consists of these oils:  Neem, tea tree, karanja, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lavender and possibly others)
*Penetrates the skins deep layers to kill any burrowing scabies mites laying their eggs under the skin.


Other (I haven’t tried these, but they are highly recommended):
– Peruvian Balsam (Balsamum peruvianum) – (from Toluifera pereirae): topically for 3 days, as long as there is no skin reaction. Also known as Balsam of Peru, this resin extracted from incisions in the bark of the Peruvian Balsam tree is an antiseptic that combats bacteria, promotes wound healing, and kills parasites, especially scabies.
– Melaleuca cajuputi – (oil): apply topically. A highly stimulating volatile inflammable oil, distilled from the leaves of an East Indian tree
– Phytolacca decandra (Toxic) – Obviously, take in very small doses & do your research. Phytolacca Decandra, also known as poke or poke weed, has dark purple, flattened berries. Phytolacca grows wild where the ground has been disturbed such as bulldozing sites, construction sites, and around homes or abandoned landscapes. The entire plant has medicinal properties. The berries are used to make juices, the leaves can be mashed into poultices, and the root, which is the most diverse portion of the plant, can be used to make teas, tonics and tinctures.
– Nicotine – DO YOUR RESEARCH. This can kill you. We’re talking really small amounts. Points to remember first: Nicotine is 100% soluble in water. Nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin; this is how nicotine patches work. Nicotine effects different people differently. DO NOT!!! use nicotine insecticide (from off the shelf) on your body. It will kill you (for certain). And don’t drink it!!!

-  Repeat once or twice daily for bad infections, and daily to every other day thereafter.

-  For people with really heavy infections, ivermectin 200 mcg/kg by wt /tablets or see the doctor.

-  Itchy eyes too… I might consult a doctor for this one. Other options:
Not verified by me, but may be needed for heavier infections:  Apply Povidone-Iodine​ 10% Solution TO EYELIDS with sterile cotton pads.  Be EXTREMELY careful not to get IN your eyes, Apply to the top of your eyelids lightly, so as not to drip at all, it’s possible to go blind if you get this in your eyes.

PETS:  Scabies can survive on animals and pass back n forth from animals to humans. Other people may disagree, but I have 8+ years of first hand experience.
Note:  Do not apply Permethrin to Cats!!!
CATS:   Nature’s Eradicator Enzymes, Lime / Sulfur DIP or non-toxic shampoo for cats – Get the big one, because you need to do this a lot.
DOGS:  Nature’s Eradicator Enzymes, Lime / Sulfur DIP or non-toxic shampoo for dogs – Get the big one, because you need to do this a lot.

STEP THREE – And keep ‘em off!!!
1. REMEMBER NOT TO put items back together with NON-SAFE items.  Just like that Offpring song, you gotta keep em separated!!!
2. For OCD people, Spray your hands constantly with Hydrogen Peroxide or Enzymes until there is NO more evidence of scabies. Become best friends with a Spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide or Nature’s Eradicator Enzymes or a mixture of other ingredients.
3. If you become re-infected, repeat process.  It takes about a week for scabies to produce MILLIONS more on your body.  Most people agree that the adults and the eggs can’t survive for more than 48 hours without a host.  Others will tell you that they can last longer on old jackets and clothes.  Precaution… wash it before you wear it or even touch it…  Take a bath once a day and never wear clothes more than once and then toss them in the infected hamper. Treat infected items as such. Doctor hands.


Sulfur (6 – 10% in lotion or cream)(or just buy a 10 lb bag of pure sulfur and use it sparingly in your baths) used since Roman times as a scabicide, but you might be allergic.  Sulfur Soap for showering is also a great way to apply.
[SAFE FOR CHILDREN]  –  Try a sauna and/or try bathing, washing or soaking in diluted Lice R Gone® Shampoo by Safe Solutions,  Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint, or sulfur cream or lotion and/or borax.

1. Diatomaceous Earth (Cracks the shell of a mite, dehydrates & kills them) If you have access to this at a reasonable price, it might be worth it, but I would say baths are enough.

“The Easy and Convenient TEA TREE Way”
1. Add 10-20 drops of premium-quality pure tea tree oil to a bathtub of warm water
2. Immerse your body in the warm, spicy water. Ensure infected areas are soaked. Avoid eyes and mouth.
3. After bathing, apply pure tea tree oil directly to infected areas. A cotton bud works best.
4. Repeat once or twice daily for 2-3 weeks or until the itch resolves
5. Washing linen and clothing, but the scabies mite cannot survive without a human contact.
To prevent scabies in the future, continue to add 5-10 drops of pure tea tree oil to your regular bath water.


  1. Tanny says:

    What if I don’t have all this, would white vinegar work?

    • scottybizz says:

      I’ve heard all kinds of things can work… temporarily, but the reality is, if you have the strain that I have, you’ll never get rid of it. I’ve had it for 8 years now. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t get rid of it. Today, I’m actually cured except for my eyes. But even if I completely got rid of it like i have before, my clothes, my furniture, coworkers, my own family and friends or animals around me would just give it back to me. It’s come full circle on me many times. I’ll get rid of it and it comes back. I’d love to speak positively that it can be cured, but the fact is, I’m going to pet my dog and shake hands, etc.. and I know that I’m going to get it back and have to treat myself afterward.

      I have a strict regimen that involves washing my clothes and sheets first, then bathing in tea tree & sulfur, and sometimes boric acid (extremely small amounts & boiled first is safe for the eyes) then my dog and cat in the same bath water with some special shampoo, then put on some clean clothes that have been washed and put aside for a few weeks (I have 5-6 sets like that). It’s very tedious, but it keeps these things from making my skin itch so much. I also keep a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and use it every time I feel even the slightest itch. That really helps, I take it everywhere.

      I haven’t heard of vinegar in a while. Somebody posted it at some point, but I doubt it. Sulfur and pure tea tree :) Tea tree is cheapest at vitacost i think. Ideally, I’d recommend buying an “essential oil steam distiller” and planting all kinds of helpful trees and herbs to help you (tea tree, Neem, eucalyptus, lavendar, karanja, rosemary, etc..) and find out how to distill each. You would still need to buy sulfur, but you would save money in the long run.

      Also, keep in mind that you’re going to be toxifying the crap out of your body with all these things. Make sure to detoxify yourself as ofthen as you can.

      Hope that helps!!!

      • Bob says:

        Thanks for this excellent information!

        I was wondering if you dilute the peroxide before spraying on your skin–and if so, by how much…

      • scottybizz says:

        I’ve just updated this directions handout, please have another look if you have time :)

      • Vee Campbell says:

        I’ve been battling this vigorously for past 5 months, not better except superficially, but the battle goes continues, unfortunately, on a deeper level. I see bruises appear overnight, I get upper shoulder pain with buzzing sound, and stiffness in my feet and ankles. bladder infections etc. And I know its this crap (I don’t even want to give it a name it doesn’t deserve one. Mankinds misery should be public enemy number one on every medical research facility’s priorities. I so believe this bug causes terrible inflammation and is behind certain cancers, especially liver and pancreas.

      • karen hardcastle says:

        Take a salt bath 4.5 kg of good quality pool salt, fill up the bath and soak in it for at least an hour, and watch the scabies come out. They came out in nests when i did it the first time, as I had them for at least a year. you have to put your head and hair under for as long and as many times as you can. It fries them. I did that every night for 3 weeks straight. I wash in 60 degree hot water, wash with borax and a non bleach nappy soaker, dry in hot dryer for an hour. Then put underwear in a plastic bag and freeze. I freeze my shoes, handbag, wallet, belts, socks etc.etc. I then steam underwear after freezing as well as all my clothes, even though i put them through the dryer. keep off all sugar, and that means all white four products which are carbs that convert to sugar. raw garlic, 2 cloves 3 times a day and no caffeine what so ever! get a ph test kit and keep your ph at 7.5, this is very important with scabies, drink lots of herbal teas, not green tea though as it has caffeine in it and good quality filtered water. There is a lot more as well, I am in the process of writing an e-book. hope this helps someone.

      • anne says:

        Ivermectin kills scabies in humans and animals, you can buy it as horse wormer and sheep wormer at farm animal stores like mole valley farmers scats ect. Or ask your doctor to prescribe it. Leave your house and car for 30 days and mites will die, Don’t go in the house or car for a month treat yourself with the ivermectin while you are away.

    • Brown Ron says:

      use raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar internally in combination with probiotics.

  2. scottybizz says:

    You’re very welcome :) Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. This is all free info. This bug spreads like wildfire and knowledge is power. I am going to do my part to help.

    Man, I need to update that handout information. That was when I was really OCD about treating myself. It’s much simpler than that. I still do recommend buying the waterproof bedding encasement, but the oil still works GREAT even without the expensive enzymes. Also, washing clothes is just regular, but try to put aside clothes after washing them for a week or so if possible and wear your other clothes, no big deal though. Baths are the important part. Also, as I said the essential oil distiller and a general knowledge of botany could really help in the long run. Nothing like free dirt!!!

    I buy my hydrogen peroxide in bulk off of in like a case of 16 or something and it’s lasts forever. It’s 3% hydrogen peroxide and that’s perfect, because it’s not really the main treatment, it’s just to “sanitize” temporarily, before the little buggers have a chance to dig in lol. What really does the trick is the essential oil baths I mentioned. Also, I forgot to mention mixing in Epsom salts too (K2So4 / magnesium sulfate) which is really great & really cheap to buy and available everywhere.

    That’s what you want, a sustainable (inexpensive) preventative natural remedy. DON’T GO TO THE DOCTOR, you’re just going to skyrocket your bills. People have been successfully treating this naturally since the roman days. Permethrin cream will get rid of it for the moment, but what the doctors don’t tell you is that you’ll get it back from somebody or something else. These things I talk about work just as well, and are not even close to as toxifying as that poison they give you.

    I’m pretty sure that these little buggers will just laugh at the vinegar, but you never know, I’ve been wrong before!! :) Never do just one thing, because the bugs might get resistant to certain things. Switching it up is best. Any questions about grocery lists, I can help.

    One more fun fact (sarcasm) haha is that people that are first infected with these things, won’t feel the effects of it for 3 weeks to a month… however, people that have had it before, will feel the itching immediately… something to do with your body forming a permanent allergy to the bugs.

    If you’re a shower person, like I am, your whole schedule is about to change. Baths are your new best friend. If you have eye infections, don’t forget to dunk your head in the bath with your eyes open and come to the surface of the water with them open. (The oils sit at the top of the water) Sorry if I rant, I type fast so it’s not hard haha, good luck!

  3. sex date says:

    great website over here! Thanks for posting…

  4. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your helpful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

    • scottybizz says:

      Thank you! I’ve always been pretty good at writing. That’s why I though I would apply my talents to making a great handout for people suffering. Something that is like a rock solid list of instructions to defeating the infection. Please feel free to offer suggestions to make it even better.

  5. i have heard this before but can’t recall where i did, still interesting though,

  6. j says:

    I keep them off my eyes with msm powder and petroleum jelly mixed into a paste. I also use this in and around nose and ears. I’ve only been diagnosed for a few days but they went to my face after the permetherin sp? treatment. Also baking soda in ears and nose alternately.. But this is a little more harsh. my poor mom is itching on her eyes too, told her to stop wearing mascara and any makeup.. Very important. I plan I’m beating this and writing about the ways we did it. Ohh and also, I are

  7. j says:

    Also.. I ate about one cup of pickled garlic last night, my skin was better, bruising healed and less itching..but I stink haha.. garlic!!!! Also after my shower last night I used Grapeseed oil and clove, that might have helped too. good luck all. thanks for the great site. for the first time in my life I’m grateful for the internet, docs know nothing unless they’ve had this.

    • j says:

      Whoa different time zones. It’s not 6am in Chicago.. Different things I think may work, I’ve studied natural medicine btw.. Vit e for skin healing, helps scar tissue. Spray of isopropyl alcohol and clove. Rid spay the house. Oregano oil internally and selenium, actually, SE methyl selenocysteine supplement. I believe it’s important to treat inside and out

  8. Carlos Melara says:

    I have suffering about scabies since May 2010 and I have used many insecticides as well as essential oils. Certain days I have thought that I have terminated with those mites; however, my situation have not changed. On Internet I found a person that tells us that he had his cure using dead sea salt into of his bathtube every day. Using borax in his laundry and spraying Kleen-Free Naturally. I have used that but I don’t have bath tube and then I use sulfur soap and later spray my body with Kleen-Free Naturally (6parts of water and one part of Kleen). In addition, Before I go to bed, I apply Olive oil with garlic blended every night. The results have been positive since the bites have disappeared and Now I have received lesser bites than the previous days. Furthermore, I am sure that my mites are sarcoptic scabies but I have a doubt about it since other persons who live in the same home don’t have been infected. I don’t understand why only I have this mites. Also, I receive bites in my head and my eyes and sometimes I extract certain white grain of my eyes. I almost have 2 years with this problem. However, other people mention that with Kleen Free they have resolved their problem.

    • scottybizz says:

      Kleen Free and Tea Tree DID get rid of them at some point for me, along with some others, but not forever, they came back. A large concentration of both items in separate baths does a great job to eliminate them. Also, I’ve known a lot of people that don’t admit that they have it, that might be the case with you. Most people ignore it or don’t want to admit it. Just a possibility. All of the things you’ve tried are good. If you did that twice a day for 2 weeks you might get rid of it, but it may come back. To this day, since I got them in my eyes, I have not gotten rid of them. I’m still looking for a cure. Money is tight right now however, so I have to just keep it contained. There’s only 2 things about this disease that really bother me, the eyes & my back side. Gross I know sorry lol. Other than that, the treatments really help. Kleen free is a bit expensive for the big bottle, like $90 for a gallon and it goes QUICK, but yes, enzymes for the bugs on the surface & essential oils for the eggs works very well if used properly. Who knows the different types of bugs we all have. I think the first step is to get a laptop microscope and find out which mite you have!! Either that or a doctor with half a brain. It may take a while to get a good sample, but once you know exactly what you have, it might be easier to treat. I know that mine is the nastiest of the breed. Either that, or I have 2 types. I have yet to find out for sure. Anyways, like I said, I’ve gotten rid of it before. Just once, but it came back. Best of luck to you! Let me know how your struggle goes :) I feel your pain haha.

      • Rick V says:

        There is so much JUNK on the net about scabies! Yes I have tried the poison lotion from the Doc and well that was 3 months ago and no it didnt work! I have been using olive oil, coconut oil and clove oil. The portions are 4 to 1, and yes most say 3 to 1 and yes I did that for awhile and it was excruciatingly painfull! Hot showers, vacumming,washing clothes, drying and washing blankets everynite sheets as well! Changing undies twice a day. My question is will clorox 5 to 1 kill the scabies in the environment? Will h2o kill them in the environment? What is the best product to use for the environment? Help!

      • scottybizz says:

        Well, hopefully my advice is not junk lol. But I do believe I still have it. I’ve just grown so accustomed to it, it’s barely noticeable. I take showers on the even days with regular old soap, shampoo and conditioner, and teaspoon tea tree baths on the odd days. The tea tree days are just to make sure I don’t itch too much. It’s really not that bad. OF COURSE i would like to get rid of it completely, but all of my anal retentive preventative methods get rid of it short term and then somebody else just gives it back. I could go crazy… hahahah, but that won’t help. I did that the first year, but now, it almost feels like I’ve gotten rid of it, except for my eyes. That’s the real bummer. Long story short, I lost my battle against scabies. I started out trying to create a little blog that could help other people, but after all my long years of research and trying different methods, it only temporarily does the trick, then it comes back. Best of luck, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

    • tracy m says:

      Have you checked into Morgellon’s Disease?

  9. ripal says:

    I am so glad to come across this web page. I have had scabies for 8 years. I freeze my clothes daily. 20 degree below immobilizes the mites. I am still unable to remove the mites from my body. I’m desperate. I’ve used everything imaginable. I even mix permethrin in small amounts with vaseline still just to prevent a crazy infestation. I take homeopathic sulfur orally. If there is a way to freeze my body in 20 degree weather….I think this would be the only solution. I also sprinkle borax on my furniture. I freeze my mattress cover every night too.

    • scottybizz says:

      Contracted? I’m not sure where I got it. One of the places my wife went I think, but I don’t know for sure. Whoever gave it to me, it’s not really their fault. I don’t blame anyone. This thing spreads like wildfire. It also loves the elderly or the immunocompromised. Sorry to say, we’re all desperate. Well, not me so much anymore, I just live life and be happy. I can’t make my decisions based on this condition. I just treat it in the cheapest way possible. Eyedrops, neosporin, tea tree & hydrogen peroxide mixture for itching and avoid being oily and dirty for extended periods of time. If it spreads it spreads, it’s not my doing, it’s God’s lol. Freezing your body seems like a interesting idea as long as you don’t get hypothermia. I do know that Scabies LOVE hot and moist environments, so it seems that extended periods of cold and dry could help, at the very least. I always use borax for clothes washing. Regular laundry soap and borax makes my clothes smell really nice too, go figure. I’ve just kind of taken a break from trying to cure it. It’s made me miserable for far too long. I’ve paid my dues, and now I’m enjoying life. If other people get infected, it’s not like I could have stopped it anyway. This bug is relentless. It will find a way to spread..

    • Cynthia Zimmerman says:

      Freezing may not get rid of them, cold temps puts them in a dormant state but doesn’t kill them. That could be why you can’t get rid of them. Permethryn cream kills the ones under the skin, but you have to repeat the treatment one week later (I did it mid week and one week later just to make sure I got them all). I did have a re infestation but not at the level I started with. I’ve had 8 months of suffering and it took seven doctors to finally get the right diagnosis and some treatment, and I’m the one who actually diagnosed myself from reading the internet. I had open bleeding itchy sores all over me that drove me crazy. I can’t believe how dumb these doctors are about this.I think I know more about these critters than they do. My spouse does not seem to be infected but my dermatologist says that some people can be carriers and not exhibit symptoms, which would definitely make this disease difficult to eradicate. Is anyone doing research into sterilizing these creatures so that they can’t reproduce? There’s got to be a way to stop this bug but there doesn’t seem to be much research on it. No one should have to suffer like this, it is not only physically incapacitating, it is psychologically devastating as well. A true scourge from God.

  10. ripal says:

    I also wash and hot dry all freezed clothing nightly. Could I ask the person who has had for 8 years how and where do you suspect contracting. I think I obtained when I traveled abroad to India when volunteering. I may have picked up from the bedding or a gentleman who had a stroke and attempted manual treatment. I had lost a lot of weight when I came back and had a loss of appetite. Did anyone else experience similar symptoms when first contracting?

  11. FAY says:

    Please I need help my 7yr old daughter and 4yr old son has scabies. I’m so depressed need an effective way to get rid of the pests. Thank you so much.

    • scottybizz says:

      Not every question has a definitive answer I’m afraid. I’ve been suffering for longer than I care to admit. Essential oils (like tea tree oil) mixed with carrier oils (like virgin olive oil) in baths are a great way to kill 95% of them and keep them to a minimum. Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle mixed with a little tea tree for when you just HAVE TO scratch. Epsom salts can also be added to baths. These are all just cheap methods of keeping it under control. It needs to be cheap, because you’re going to be doing it for a long time to come.

      As for taking your kids to the doctor, here’s my advice:
      Teach yourself. Know the differences between skin diseases. It could be just an allergy. Most doctors will tell you that most skins conditions where people think that bugs are crawling on them mistake it for scabies when it’s really mental illness, stress, an allergy or some other skin condition like eczema. They’re idiots. Damn near every doctor that I’ve talked to has told me it’s not mites… and if they did agree, they just wrote a prescription for permethrin cream, which is basically poison lotion which incredibly toxifies your body. Using logic, we can deduce that first finding out which bug is actually on your body, we can better devise a plan to treat it. This means a skin scraping and a lab to look at it under a microscope. You can do this, instead of having your kids do it. Don’t let them tell you otherwise and don’t let them tell you it’s not scabies after the first scraping. They could have just not found any that time. Wait until you see a really bad scabies infected boil/bump and then rush into the doctors office. Then them do the scraping from that.

      Or you could just skip that part and realize that you and your children will have this for life, it will be much easier on your stress level. Keep clean, treat when you can, always spray before itching, cover your bed with an encasement and don’t shelter yourself. I guarantee, if your kids have it, the whole school has it and none of you are going to effectively kill it. I’m sorry to give you bad news, but if you have the strain that I do.. it’s here to stay. Good luck with your fight :)

    • spencee says:


  12. michelle says:

    thk u for the valuable information…I learned things I didn’t know from the other sites…..but why the itch even last after the bath and oils

    • scottybizz says:

      You’re welcome :) Concentrated enzymes and other products kill the adults on the surface of the skin.
      The essential oils (tea tree, neem oil, etc.) mixed with a carrier oil (Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc..) kills the eggs of scabies. It penetrates deep into the skin which is where they burrow.

      None of these things are an actual itching cure, although a good essential oil bath with tea tree, coconut oil, lavender oil and any other essential oils I have is very soothing to the mind & body. It’s like aromatherapy for me. It also really does help with itching, at least for a few hours. If you’re looking for temporary relief though, there are eczema lotions and the like. Also vitamin E sunburn products with Aloe and LIDOCAINE are very helpful.

      These mites are incredibly resilient. They’re like little microscopic tanks. You have to treat inside and out. But these tree oils and enzymes for your skin and other treatments for cleansing out the inside of your body are toxifying your body over extended periods of time, are just not quite enough to kill them. It almost seems as if you found something that was strong enough to kill them, it would kill us too lol. Couple that with the fact that even if you were lucky enough to kill them all dead, you can still get it back from someone else close to you like friends, kids, family, dogs, cats, furniture, etc… At this point, this blog is being used for trial and error. I’ve tried everything I could think of. I can still see them swimming around in my eyes. Most days I try to ignore it, other days I get really frustrated. You just gotta keep on fighting. Hope this helps

  13. scottybizz says:

    You know I have to admit, it almost feels like I’ve gotten rid of it. When I first got this thing, I had blisters and bumps EVERYWHERE. It was like a nightmare. Itching was sooooooooo bad. I don’t have any of that anymore. I just have them in my eyes and I can see them darting around which really sucks, but other than that, I just itch occasionally and then take baths. I alternate baths and showers. Showers are like the old days, shampoo, conditioner but with sulfur soap, and then baths are obviously the treatment. Those are awesome. I just really don’t have the symptoms anymore, even my back which was like a scabies retreat lol, (gross I know) it’s just all gone. If it weren’t for my eyes, I wouldn’t even know I had anything. The eyes could be something else?? Or maybe I just have it internally?? Whatever, all I’m saying is this:

    Don’t give up the treatments, and don’t get overly frustrated. IT GETS BETTER. Even if doesn’t go away, it’s manageable. Don’t burn your house down or have a nervous breakdown :o Just do what you can do and live life. It gets better from here

    Thank you everyone for your nice comments. Feel free to comment anytime!!

    • s2s says:

      I haven’t tried this yet, although I plan to, to see if it works for floaters. Maybe it will work for your eye bugs:

      • scottybizz says:

        Really great info on this link. Thank you!! I’ll try these for sure. Anyone reading this, this seems like really good info. Do also try it! I have heard of flax seed oil many times in regards to internal scabies. Will definitely try that. Any form of sulfur compounds are basically a staple for curing scabies [MSM (Methonyl Sulphur Methane)]. Another great suggestion. Then there’s the old standby lots and lots of garlic hahahaha. Also, clove oil is a miracle cure. NEVER DIRECTLY IN THE EYES, but dentists use it and have found it to be just as useful or even more useful than most prescription meds. Internally, it could do wonders. All of these together might do the trick. A bunch of other useful info on that site thanks

        All in all though, what I have found in my experience, is that anything strong enough to kill internal parasites is strong enough to make you sick, incredibly toxified or cannot be taken for extended periods of time. I have found that the bugs in the eyes go away with a few internal treatments I’ve tried, but they come right back, because like I’ve said before, you just get reinfected, or don’t wipe them out completely. I haven’t had the standard signs of scabies in years (bumps around the webs of the fingers and itching, bumps everywhere and itching). Like I said before, I wouldn’t even know I have it if it weren’t for the fact that I can see them in my eyes when I look at the sky. I have a sneaking suspicion that the ones in my eyes are NOT scabies. That I got super unlucky and contracted 2 types of bugs from someone. I’m sort of thinking at this point that I really have gotten rid of “scabies” using the methods used in this handout and that the ones internal (eyes) are something else entirely. I’ve went to eye doctor and they don’t see anything. Maybe they need a better specular microscope or something lol. Once I make more money, I’m going to go back to an true opthamologist and get them to take a closer look. Will inform you guys after I do that. May be a while. Got lots of work to do.


        The link that was just suggested:
        is really good info. I will add this information to the handout once I have tried it.
        The intent of this handout is to make a rock solid list of instructions for people suffering and to educate people by learning from all of our failures and successes. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE THIS HANDOUT BETTER PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE FORM OF A WELL WRITTEN PARAGRAPH THAT I CAN JUST PASTE INTO THE HANDOUT. It would be very helpful to everyone. That’s the reason I started this blog. To help people and to help myself. I won’t just stop once it’s gone, I’m going to keep helping everyone. Please do the same :)

    • EAD3 says:

      As an ophthalmologist I can give you some peace of mind regarding the “swimmers” in your eyes. When staring at the blue sky most of us can see little swirling spots near the center of our vision. These are the larger, darker white blood cells going through the blood vessels near our maculas (center of the retina). Scabies will not swim inside you eyes.

  14. says:

    I have improved using 20 mule borax combined with hydrogen peroxide and distill water. Every day after each shower, I apply water combined in my entire body and my face since I had problems in my eyes too, but now I have not so much problem in my eyes. I apply clove oil in one part combined with 4 parts of coconut oil in my head and I feel that my problem has improved and I sleep better than the previous day. I have had my problem approximately 2 years. My last medicines mentioned in this email has been the best of the best for curing my problem. if you want to see more comment about borax you would enter in the website earth clinic. com

    i hope you improve with you problem.

  15. bob says:

    I have had some success with covering the entire body with sulfur ointment but the most important I things that you have to worry about are your clothes and your bed

  16. Not so natural red says:

    Thank you for creating such an informative site! I recently got scabies as a birthday present LOL and am doing everything in my power to control it. One thing you may want to consider adding is vinegar. I have read about it a few times now and I don’t remember seeing it on here, other than by 1 other person. But supposedly they can’t stand the acidity. I’ve been bathing in it n just started adding tea tree oil. I applied the vinegar directly to the bumps n after it stopped burning I would usually c a light brown spec on the cotton ball :)

    M a lil confused abt the hot n cold thing cuz I read somewhere that they cant take more than 110 degree temps, so I run my baths as hot as possible n shower when I have a fresh layer of goo to remove. I guess I need to invest in a deep freezer too…

    I Accidentally gave it to my best friend as she was the only one willing to hang around me, and she was able to treat it fast enough before it got out of hand. She used a menthol compound called Absorbine Junior. Just yesterday, I found some long adhesive strips of this stuff and applied it to my back (where all other lotions couldn’t quite reach!). When I woke the next morning, it was just like one of those pimple strips! There were so many little brown dots…! I think it’s pulling them out; nymphs n all. ATM my skin feels on fire from the menthol cuz I bought as many patches as I could find. But at this point Idc, as long as they all die it’ll b worth it. They sell them at wal Mart, dollar tree n dollar general in my area: This same friend said when her brother got it, he applied motor oil everywhere after the Absorbine, which suffocates then after about 15 minutes. It’s just a pain in the butt to rinse out of your hair, but they don’t have it anymore.

    I also saw a post from a Hungarian of an over the counter creme that cured him but i haven’t found here in USA. The name of the cream is: Ung. ad vulnera
    It contains 27,9 g vaselin 1,5 g acidi borici, 0,6 g acidum calicilicum (borax and salicylic acid).
    Havin a fun time converting it into oz. that n the Vaseline doesn’t mix right; it may just b to apply with. but the same guy said menthol basically smokes them out n then to use the creme.

    Anyway, salicylic acid is basically aspirin, so I started taking Bayer as part of my daily regimen. Apparently, if you are able to alter your pH balance, they will leave you alone. That’s how some ppl r carriers n dont even know it. Hence the vinegar treatment I mentioned earlier. I’ve been attempting to swallow teaspoonfuls at a time of the Apple cider vinegar, and I also just started taking 1000 mg garlic pills for the same reason.

    O yeh! And nair! One forum claims 50/50 windex n ammonia works but my dad researched this for me n found that they latch onto ur hair follicles, very similar to lice. That’s what the eggs feed off of. So if u treat urself w nair then there won’t b any hair for them to consume!! The last time I tried it I felt pretty good for a couple of days. But this time I think I got a lil too close to my eyebrows :/

    Another fun thing w ammonia is hair dye. I swear, I’ve come to absolutely love the dollar tree! They have all kinds of hair dye for a dollar each. A friend of mine had a bad lice problem growing up and no matter what they did, she always got it back. But when she dyed her hair, it killed them every time. N scabies r just like lice, only they say they can’t jump… BS! I swear I’ve seen them jumping off my arms… Either that, or it was a highly controlled fall… but using hair dye seems to treat the ones that make it into ur hair , and if you don’t mix the color cream with the developer, and just apply the tube of ammonia to your skin, it does a fabulous job of exfoliating the crap out of them. So I think I’m just going to stick with being a redhead from now on…

    So today the government paid for a tube of permethrin for me because I’m so poor! Ha ha ha! While I was waiting at the pharmacy, I found something called quickie superstrength emu pain rid. It has emu oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, MSN, glucosamine sulfate, eucalyptus oil, menthol, peppermint oil, glycerin, vitamin E,… Bunch o crap. I rubbed it in between all the absorbine patches in case any critters escapes between the cracks. Cross your fingers for me!

    Also, does anybody know anything about Listerine? I seen that a few times as well…

    I just thought I’d pass this along in case you are still having Eye trouble, and also so we can continue to educate each other and eliminate this pesky problem altogether!


    Not so natural red

  17. says:

    Diatomeaceous earth will kill scabies. It is a powder that you can find on Amazon and kills all hard shelled insects. Sift it everywhere. Good for Animals and People, internal and external. Good for outdoor areas.

    • scottybizz says:

      I did try Diatomaceous earth for external on carpets and where my animals sleep and couches. From what I read it works by cracking the shell of the adults, which in turn, does kill them. It does nothing to the eggs and babies though. It’s more of an addition to other treatments. Also, I do believe that because diatemaceous earth is used for salt water aquariums, it’s usually high priced. I stopped buying it because of it’s price. Do you know of a good place to get it at a fair price online? I prefer boric acid for clothes, furniture and animal beds. It’s cheap and incredibly effective. It even makes my clothes smell and feel more fresh. Never tried D.E. for internal. What’s your experience?

      • Yes It is cheap, shipping is what will get you but still extremely affordable even for a poor disabled fixed income person such as myself. IMPORTANT: This is the best quality FOOD GRADE DIATEMACIOUS earth. I have just starters taking it internally and put it on all over. I t gets a little dry for me so I found the advice of mixing it with grape seed oil 75 %Grape Seed Oil to 25% DE. Grape seed oil is 25 % vitamin e and does wonders for skin they say. I am new to this but found fantastic information at Look up Ted’s remedies… He is know as Ted from Bangkok and is well educated in biochemistry and the human body, not sure if he is a doctor, but the response to his cures are overwhelming and I could not help but take notice. I even bought his eBook when I discovered he had one and it was a real eye opener and very short around 60 pages. He is a contributed at that site and I am so impressed so far but you have to be the judge… Just too much excellent feedback from regular people. I am terrified that I will not be able to get rid of these whate er kind of mites they are and my cat is just going crazy too, she had it first, not sure where she got it. Anyway tried doctor scripts/ creams… No go. So far it seems the key is making your body more alkaline you can buy meters to measure the alkalinity of you saliva and your urine, if one is really high for example you urine is a good bit higher than your saliva then you know your body is trying to get rid of excess acid and you can take a little sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in water to help. That info is in his book and I am only mentioning it because it has given me hope… And not just for scabies, but I have Cchronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia symptoms as well as a bad back. I lost everything including my career and new 3 bedroom house and live in pain constantly (in a camper in my brother’s backyard lol) so I don’t have time for nonsense and though I have just discovered a few things in light of my recent contraction of scabies or some invisible mystery burrowing mite it may be a blessing in disguise. Here is what has gotten my attention so far: Ted from Bangkok, already mentioned his eBook. Also a free eBook about food grade hydrogen peroxide which I will look for the link and post if anyone is interested. There are peer reviewed medical studies that go all the way back to around 1880 showing cures when taken internally or by some doctors intravenously and it will blow your mind and any sane person will realize their is just too much evidence there to ignore. Another free eBook I found today is called The Borax Conspiracy, so far I am really impressed. I think if we can make our bodies more healthy these scabies will not find it to be a pleasant environment and will vacate. Sorry to be vague about the links, just let me know and I’ll look them up and post them if you can’t find them on a google search. Good luck everyone —I know I need it! God bless

      • jim oneill says:

        You can buy food grade DE at many livestock feed stores it is more affordable that way. The DE is little snowflake shaped skeletons of diatoms that live in oceans. It is mined where the oceans used to be. The diatom skeletons get into the joints of the exoskeleton of insects and cut the joints apart like razors. It is good for animals and humans to eat and helps prevent intestinal parasites also. I had scabies on my shins and tops of y feet and sprayed myself with a mix of 50 /50 apple cider vinegar and water. I could actually watch the scabies come out of my skin in just a couple of minutes. I mix white vinegar and water and spray all surfaces in my home that can get wet that I might have contact with. I put a cup of white vinegar in my laundry. Everything comes out clean and it smells fresh without chemicals. I sprayed myself head to toes 3 times a day with the apple cider vinegar left it on for a few minutes and then showered. I then sprayed myself again and let it dry on me. Get Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and go to their website for more info. You will never be without it again. Even drinking it is good for you in many ways. Good luck!

  18. we have two months with scabies we are moving to a new place do we throw everything away my 3 kids has them all over there body they give us cream for are body what can we do to stop itching we just moved in to this apt 2 almost 2 months ago it was my apt fault cuz they had them so what can we do

  19. hopeful says:

    They need a cure, how in the world diatomecous earth suppose to kill these buggers. PRAY !!!!

  20. CP says:

    YOU MUST buy only FOOD GRADE DE. the other is for filtering in pools and is poisonoYOU MUST buy only FOOD GRADE DE. the other is for filtering in pools and is poisonous. Food Grade DE or Diatomaceous earth is sourced and sold by a company called PERMA GUARD. everyone buys and repackages it with a new name and sells for a lot more. Amazon sells perma guards food grade DE in bulk 50 pounds for $55 shipped. Food grade DE is 90% silica mined from fresh water so it doesn’t have the alot of salt in it. It is a 9 on the sharpness scale and has the opposite energy charge from toxins so it attracts toxins, mites, microbes and slices them, dehydrates them from outside in. Killing is physical not because of its mineral makeup. Like stabbing. When taken DE internally it draws all parasites( which is what a mite is) out of the body by drawing it and collecting them in its honey comb shaped cylinder shaped spheres. Our bodies need silica, “life could not exist without it” 1939, the Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, Professor Adolf Butenant, proved that life can not exist without Silica. look at this site I take Food Grade DE and I use it as a scrub in the shower it draws out toxins and dead skin will just come off layer by layer in frond of your eyes, and on a toothbrush on teeth it goes onto gum line after plaque. Even to clean out tub it is amazing. Tub will sparkle add small amount of water to some powder tyo a mud like consistency and scrub tub it gets rid of all scum. And shines up the metal as well. It won’t clog drain/pipe if anything it will clean them since unlike bentonite clay Food Grade DE allows water to flow through and it filters the water as it does. So DE is a Detox like bentonite clay except FooD Grade DE is Made of Biological Crustaceons Diatoms the remains not clay. Mites are able to come back because of your immune system. I had Dog mites that came out as bumps when I Showered in hot water and went into the sun. I was working in a dog daycare and I was always carrying blankets to get washed and my forearms were the only place that was affected. I have a compromised immune system and get sick easily. Nobody else at work got the mites. I should have not have gotten them either since I’m a human, but My immune system could not warsd them off. Just like when dogs get demodex, they lose patches of hair, their own mites are out of check their immune sytem cannot keep them in check so they grow in numbers. So Sure you must rid the mites first to give the dog a chance to build the immune system up, and then the the body will keep the mites in check. Same for Humans after you kill ther mites try to boost the immune system and get ALL PH levels to correct number and you should ward off mites for good. The PH factor is a book that explains alot. Also try Light Therapy. Infra red is the strongest. Blue light kills bacteria on skin.Handheld light therapy devices can be used in home. Mites respond to the same treatments that mold and morgellons responds to. Oreganol brand oil of oregano is stronger than many antibiotics and better since it only rides the body of parasites, viruses and bad bacteria. It is recognized as a food by our bodies it does not kill beneficial bacteria. I took it in empty capsules I purchased from vitacost. A few drops a few times a day for 4 days cleared up an infection that i was given 2 weeks worth of cipro for, Needless to say i did not take the cipro and Doctor rechecked me , and no more infection…GONE. I told him about taking the oil of oregano and he said “THAT WILL DO IT” well I wonder why He Didn’t say so in the begining, I KNOW WHY.$$$
    Look into the Zapper by dr Hulda Clark it is two copper bars that send low electrical currents through body there is proof of how and why it works.. Read The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark, You’ll find a peermanant cure for yourself. Vitamin C powder kills parasites because of PH. She suggests everyone SHOULD have it on the table like table salt. Also Try GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT or GSE it has the ability to kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoan parasites. IT kills mites even when no other remedy will work. Grapefruit seed extract is nontoxic as opposed to some over the counter remedies. GSE can be used as a surface disinfectant. Grapefruit seed extract can be used as a sanitizing wash,. The product can also be used to purify drinking water in your pet’s water dish, or when camping, hiking or traveling to foreign countries. Try colloidal silver. Pure Sulphur works amazingly it is not water soluable so it can be used in powder for to ward away mites or as a ointment mixed with glycerine.
    Vasoline works by suffocating mites so you would mites anywhere you do not cover. Clove oil is a natural antiparasitic and a natural disinfectant that is why dentists use it.


  21. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written
    article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to
    read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post.

    I’ll definitely comeback.

  22. Vee Campbell says:

    If anyone had scabies for 8 years then their skin would be destroyed, the skin on my hands and right arm has aged terribly. Plus scabies is making me stiff, something I never experienced before. My eyes look red and swollen. I take marigold tea and use bags on eyes plus borax. I’m thinking of buying lime sulpur for myself.

    • Vee Campbell says:

      I’m using marigold tea as well, I’d like to find edible marigolds also as I think there that might be more potent. I also just found cleaning vinegar 8% acetic acid, it helps to spray on skin but burns terribly on scabies.

  23. scottybizz says:

    Haven’t posted in a while. I removed the comment approval holding for this site. Sorry about that. Well I’ve been in a freezing semi truck for months at a time and the extreme dry cold pretty much kills them. I can see perfectly out of my eyes and I don’t itch. Were talking COLD and it worked. My animals give it back to me when I come home and I’m working on that. Just thought I would update on my progress. Good luck everyone!! Be back soon!!

  24. Carlos says:

    I’ve almost beaten the scabies. My formula has been to use 8 tablespoons of Borax + 1/2 water ltiro osigenada + 1/2 liter of distilled water + 1 tablespoon of baking soda. This water I put it in the body before sleep and even on the face. In this way I avoided the scabies. Also, I use a tablespoon of clove oil + 4-1/2 tbsp virgin coconut oil and I have a plastic boat. I apply it on the hair, body and feet, and private parts. This has desaperacido scabies from my body. for the environment in stores 99 cents on the dollar, I buy a dog shampoo that contains eugenol and cinnamon, which costs a dollar each jar and put them in a pot of spray and spray everything in my room as the bed , computer and shoes and everything that can be sprayed as the floor, etc.. This avoids creating more scabies. Another formula is soap you nail banes with which he bought in by internet and bathroom with hot and cold water then put me immediately because scabies do not support this sudden change from hot to cold and they die. Thank God, I sleep better and continued with formulas to prevent reinfection

  25. Ernie says:

    I really think A majority of the info in this site is either maliciously fake or just sadly misguided.. These arent superbugs people they are mites, like spidermites on plants… if you use use permethrin 5% cream at day 1,6 and 11, truly wash clothes and dry clothes on Hot,Hot Hot…, the only and main source of reinfection is going to be you car, pull the seatbelts out.., your shoes, couches, chairs. They are in the spider family u can use raid for spiders, these chemicals arent perfect but an extremely short exposure period -less than a couple days spread over almost 2 weeks, is much better for you and your immune system than having dead dying mite fecies rotting under your skin. go to the dr. use permethrin 5%, and CLEAN. 2 showers daily no baths.

    • scottybizz says:

      Ernie, this is my site. It is not fake or malicious. it’s my experience with this horrible little organism. There is a reason people are on here after being infected for 4+ years. They’ve tried permethrin and all the FDA approved force feed garbage. All perm is is a highly toxic topical solution…… THAT’S IT. Do your research before steering people in the wrong direction. Sadly misguided? Man is that calling the kettle black. Also keep in mind that a lot of the people on here have different types of infestations. Some people are talking about actually seeing the bugs. Mine are microscopic. You just gave the doctors advice. It’s just the same old doctors know it all regurgitation. We’ve heard it. Over and over again. We’ve tried it. It doesn’t work. Trade places with us! In one year you’ll say “man was I wrong”. So please don’t get on here bashing my site when I’m just trying to help people. It’s insulting.

    • Edward says:

      For scabies: oils, DE, & all Holistic GARBAGE is ineffective & wastes $$$…. Permethrin 5% to clean skin, neck to toes, ESPECIALLY the hands fingers wrists. (Leave it on 12 hours)…. Hot wash all clothes and BED LINEN & #1 is **HOT DRYER 90 minutes each load** …..anything infrequently used? Tie in garbage bag & don’t open a week minimum, ideally two weeks… anything frequently used but get withstand dryer 90 min? Freezer 24 hours MINIMUM each item……… REPEAT ALL OF THE ABOVE IN 10-14 DAYS! (itchy or not) ….unable to obtain permethrin 5% for the family? contact me

      • Exhausted says:

        Man you sure have all the answers don’t you. You would be a millionaire if it was that easy. it OBVIOUS that you don’t have any personal experience so shut the hell up until you do! My family has been fighting this for 8 months and if you think we haven’t tried that you’re just more uninformed. Take your useless information else where because they don’t work

      • Jasmine says:

        How do I get a hold of permithicin?

  26. Vee Campbell says:

    I don’t like baths so much anymore, especially when I see these bugs in the bath with me and they are alive and swimming in spite of borax and peroxide 20% food grade and epsom salt. I wear a plastic glove and try catch and kill them. I prefer showers. But I am going to try cleaning vinegar whuch is much stronger than regular, I’m now spraying it on arms ans legs, see improvement. Was using neem oil but thats now on hold, till i see how this works. So far less stiffness.

  27. dieSCABIEdie says:

    god I hope you are right ernie….i just started my first treatment of perm 5 last night. Have been dealing with this nightmare for 5 months not knowing wtf was going on until my 2 year son went for checkup and got diagnosed. this is horrible.

  28. 4yrsinfectedyoungmum&oneYrold says:

    Hi. Iv had this 4yrs. Docs derms no help. Premthns n iver dont wrk. I hve resistant scabies from animals. Iv tried everything. Iv chucked ALL FUNITURE OUT got rid of car.. Sleeping on matress in plastic in kitchen. One yr old in potta cot nxt to me. I thought I was cured during pregnancy. Or ex partner gave it back. I caught off him wen I met him.. Didm know wat I was for awhile. He chooses not to treat so do all his family pigs.. Everyone has caught it off them.. Now everyone in my cycle has gotten it to. But.. Im willing to hve nothing todo with all of them I hvnt been mear them for.awhile.. Planning on moven far.away aswell no infestation. Im jving trouble curen myself.. N mainly my son.. Not much I can put on him thts.strong enough. I put 3drops clove sufpur m prem mixed with thick cream on him. 3 days straight. Me I use fipronil, dog products. Benzul, lyclear, teatree, clove, full bleach rub it on straight. Even did dmestos, vinegar, sulfur, I got flea bomb went in bathroom it off n sprayed body rubed in went to bed. Used fly sprys also, lice treatments. Iv even mixed most of these togther n put on body. I over use it all straight.always. Skin is destroyed. Peels off in shower.. But dosnt seem dry wen not wet.. Not sure why. I exfoliate alot. I scrub walss in bleach n spray fly spray n clove oil everywer. N add as manu chemicals in the.washing machine. I kno mites do not die in hot wash n dryer.. So clothes bedding is reinfected. I do 3 full cycles of washm n dyer. I vacuum everydaty n mop then use mini steam mop on carpets n tiles. I hve got big sheets of plastic n covered hallway carpet n taped it down aftr sprayd flr spray on it now I just mop over plastic. Serious I hear u saying it cant b cured. But I cant live with this either can my son im living in empty flat I own jus colthes n matress n son has only hardttoys. Hes one. He cant go daycare school ect. Im out of wrk. If u seriously can help us be cured completely please help us il lisen n do everything. Like I said il give up my own cylce of mates family even keeping son away from op kkick father which is good thing anyway. Im.24 son is one. I feel like life is over deptessed I dont play with son in fear of infecting him more I dont let him crawl around keep him caged up thinkn he wil get reinfected millions mites on floor. U said u kno u hve been cured? I hve stubbon case n strong ones.. U had 9yrs then cured?! My emial is Please email me. Iv been on heaps of jet sites topix. No help so far. Forgot I used 9% hp on body straight also nothing.. Happen or changed. I hve clear burrows. Hundreds nxt to eachother. Head face ears nose whole body every inch crawling.. Itch has gone only very itchy at start. Silent scabies is Norwegian scabie.. No crusts but skin peeling off in shower culd b reasons n crusts??

  29. Rick V says:

    We have scabies as well, the Norwegian kind. We have had it for 10 months. The other half got it from a HOSPITAL in El Paso Tx. We have tried the 5% premethrin 5 times, no luck. We wash, dry bedding, clothing every nite and still have had them. The other thing we have tried are enzymes that help but don’t kill enough of them. We have started getting exercise and getting our immune systems back to a good level which seems to have helped a lot. One of the most important things you can do is eat NO SUGAR whatsoever! If your over weight LOSE it. Get rid of ALL the carpet! Any furniture that has cloth type material get rid of it. Kleen Green enzymes are what we are using, it seems to help to vacumn the floors, even though there are no carpets and then spray the enzymes down afterwards. DONT touch anything on the vacumn without rubber gloves on. Take it OUTSIDE to change the bag and leave it out there until needed, in the sun if you can. These things are horrible disgusting creatures from the gates of hell. Here are a few other thing you can do about the crawling. Oh and if you have any hair and don’t mind being bald cut it off. Shave everywhere every 3 days. Get some “pet hair rollers” (for the pet hair on furniture) and use them on yourself and son. Or you can use duct tape(silver tape) and pull the assholes off you manually, once you pull them off with the tape they cant hurt you anymore and the really nice feeling of knowing you KILLED the damned things is a bonus. One of the things we noticed was that if your skin is dry they seem to love that so use some lotion after the showers. You can put clove oil in it and that will help as well. We are not cured, not yet anyway and we have tried all the bullcrap that’s advertised on the net, most of it DOESNT work. This has been a trial and error process. relatives have been cured by letting them know up front what was going on, we had them for 3 months before we knew what was going on. It seems like if you get them and know whats going on the premethrin will work with 3 doses, but if you don’t and they get a good foothold on you it gets harder and harder to get rid of them. Don’t feel like the lone ranger, you aren’t alone. Others have it too, just like us.

  30. boooshka says:

    hi, after a trip to the US I’m came back with my family to Jordan with medications it drugs were available but benzol benzoate that didn’t work..a friend told us to soak in the dead sea – since we ar in Jordan, for two hours for one time ..actually with all the related cleaning procedure it worked..but somehow after about a bmonth we all got it again .
    went back to the dead sea ends it also worked..but we got reinfected this time we thought it was the cat, we have another we thought of sending the cat there for couple of weeks so as to get clean since the mites can’t reproduce on cats..after almost 3 weeks we visited the cat a small quick tap on it’s head I felt the bite I said to my self impossible..and that was yesterday, ironically we went yesterday to the dead sea just for checking and we were I’m full of bites and I’m not sure if the dead sea helped this time or not.. this is our 4th month and I’m really scared..
    what do you suggest, what can we do with the cat! is it possible that it still have human scabies! and we don’t have HP sprays in Jordan what do you suggest as another sanitiser or preitching! please help..

  31. William (Bill) Marquis says:

    Hi All, How many different types of mites are there ?? I notice they all don’t look alike. One doctor told me what I have is not bugs because bugs have a head abd legs. I was told by this same doctor that what I have is bad bacteria. Some are black and some are brown. I started taking Prebiotics & Probiotics and they seem to feed what I have as they have become more viocious and larger. and deeper in my skin. Can anyone relate to what I have. I am now using a enzyme treatment and a oil based treatment for scabies togeather I have spent thousans of dollars but nothing seems to help much Cheers Bill

  32. Rick V says:

    This is in response to Ernies post: Scabies are NOT like “spider mites on plants”. These things live INSIDE. Inside of us that are infested. They burrow, lay eggs, eat us, use us as a toilet. Your 5% statement is true for SOME, NOT ALL. My better half and I have used the stuff 5 FIVE times and yes we shower, clean, spray, etc. etc. etc. and have for MONTHS. Your Sir are a moron without a clue! Before you spew forth stupidity and ignorance and make judgements of others why not have some clue about what your talking about. Everybodys body is DIFFERENT, age is a consideration, WHEN you get treated is an issue, whether you have insurance is an issue, if you have money is an issue, your HEALTH is an issue. Like I said no BODY is the same. My suggestion is until YOU are in this situation keep your mouth and opinions to yourself!

  33. Lisa says:

    I too have been dealing with these mites for years.. Ive tried everything tea tree oil. sulfur , neem oil, pertherim cream, and they help for awhile and they still come back. mostly what i wanted to say is I read somewhere that ivermectin paste for parasites in horses will work to kill them from the inside if you just use a little bit since its so many ounces for every Lb of horse. Ive tried it and it does kill them for awhile. but they do also come bak im not sure from where either my pets which live outdoors or maybe just from the dust because i have heard scabies can live in the ground. D?o you think its safe to use this paste in humans. I have used it about 3-4 times and it hasnt affected me badly.

  34. Carlos Melara says:

    Don;t hesitate with my medicine. Many people have been infected with scabies. However, everything have not functioned. I would recommend that the medicine that I have used has given me good results. you would use clove oil combined with coconut oil. The formula is one part of clove oil with 4 parts of coconut oil. you should apply it in your body where you have bit of scabies in the morning after you take a shower and at night before you go to bed. In addition, you would buy clove oil soap which you would acquire it in Vitacost. com. Clove oil soap is detailed as follows Dr. Woods, naturally. Red currant clove. you would find it in that web site. I have fought almost 5 years with this problem and I have got cure it.

    • jean says:

      6 yrs counting. !roke and broken from this curse. , No cure in sight. Worry bout be homeless as this has devastated my mental health. Diagnosis bug pychosis. My family thinks its all in my head. Worst part is no money to treat it infesting everything

  35. Rick says:

    OK EVERYBODY, these monsters HAVE to be fought from the outside AND inside! Here is a list of the things you need to get rid of them.
    Celestron microscope(#44320) about 80 bucks but you need to see them to know you really have them. It could be something else is involved as well and you dont know about it! Besides depending on our medical system is iffy at best. Been there done that!
    Clove oil and alot of it. We use the “Now” brand 4 oz size. Cheapest stuff I can find on the net, dont get it from the health food stores they are too expensive. 1 bottle is about 8 bucks.
    “Inner Defense” by “Young Living” health food stores or off the net, about 35 bucks per bottle.
    Lotion, “Queen Helene” Cocoa butter, Walletmart, about 2 bucks for 32 oz.
    Alkaline booster, we use “Body Rescue” , health food store or off the net about 7 bucks.
    Ph test strips. we use phIon brand, health food store or off the net, about 12 bucks.
    Ivermectin horse dewormer, Walletmart or off the net, about 14 bucks.
    Pure lemon extract, Watkins 2 oz, Walletmart. about 4 bucks.
    91% alcohol. Walletmart about 4 bucks a bottle.
    Exercise, cant buy this but you HAVE to do it.

    If you have black specs on your body try to scrape them off and LOOK at them under the microscope or if you feel a “bite” use a razor blade and take a sample from where the bite occurred. Just use the blade as a “scraper”, other wise you will cut your self. Before you do ANYTHING you need to know what is attacking you!
    Now for the steps WE followed.

    1. Clean everything. Bedding clothes floors and auto, this doesnt need to be done EVERYDAY like most say. The bedding does need to be dried on HOT everyday for 40-60 mins and washed 2 times a week, the beds MUST be covered by good plastic bed covers, the kind that encases the mattress AND box springs and sprayed down every day with the 91%alcohol mixture. As far as the clothes washing just dont REwear ANYTHING until it has been washed and DONT rehandle those clothes for a second time, put them into the washer when you take them off, and wash when a full load is ready. When the load is dry spray your hands with the 91% alcohol mixture BEFORE touching them and put them in a safe area ie cleaned and hopefully where you can hang everything up. The floors need to be vacumned or mopped at least once a week and sprayed down with the 91% alcohol mixture everyday for 2 weeks and then just once aweek after that. Furniture, sprayed top to bottom with the alcohol mixture everyday, if you have leather furniture it isnt as important because the real leather and faux leather they cant burrow into. Spray the leather anyway but just a lite coat on where you sit. Your auto needs to be sprayed down inside everday with the 91% alcohol mixture. Also use the 91%mixture in and on your shoes every day. This should cover your environment.
    2. Ivermectin, 5 times spaced out in the following way. Day 1, day 3, day 7, day 12 and day 18. This stuff comes in a 1250 pound dose for horses. DONT use that much. If you weigh 250 pounds use that much out of the container, it IS MARKED per 250 pounds. DONT heat this stuff up! It has live organisms in it. Use this stuff at YOUR OWN peril, this is just what we did. Learn what the side affects are and THEN make your own mind up. The reason for so many doses are as follows. Scabies hatch every 3 DAYS so what you want to do is kill ALL the different generations and kill all the ones that hatch. This stuff wont kill the eggs.
    3. You are going to HAVE to make some adjustments to your diet and life, if you dont it will take LONGER to get rid of these assholes! NO SUGAR of ANY kind. If you smoke quit or at least cut down dramatically. NO coffee! No ALCOHOL, beer wine wiskey ANY alcohol is a big NO NO! Do not eat pork of any kind. Diet drinks with NO sugar is a NO NO as well. Drink WATER or unsweetened ice tea. Take a minimum of a 30 minute BRISK walk a DAY! To the guys with scabies here is some advice that pays off. SHAVE, if you have a stache or side burns get RID of them. Keep your hair as SHORT as possible. Trim your neither regions as well and if you have a better half have HIM or HER help you. More fun that way! Your ph balance needs to be at 7.25 or more, take the alkaline boost drops in a full glass of water 2 times a day, your going to need to use the ph test strips everyday to see where your acidic level is and use more or less of the ph protector accordingly. If you check your ph level and its acidic say4.5 to 6.5 start out with 10 drops per 8 ounces of water every 12 hours and check the ph level at the same time you did the first time. This will become a DAILY habit! Take the “inner defense” pills in this order, for the first week take 4 a day, 2 every 12 hours. After that 2 a day or 1 pill every 12 hours.
    4. The crux of the matter is your body and what you need to do there will be painful. The clove oil isnt the scabies friend and they HATE it, but it will burn like hell so get used to it!. We take a bath or shower a day. Use the body puffs with regular body wash soap, if you use a skin moisturizing body wash stop! Use the puff ina circular motion EVERYWHERE. Use a hair brush on your scalp during your shower with the same body wash soap using it as shampoo. Change the puff out at least once a week and when done with it after your bath or shower, DRY it in the dryer just like you would a piece of clothing. Towel dry using down motion only, start with the face and go down from there. Dont rehandle the towel, put it in the washer. Now for the painful part! Taking a wash cloth and using the premixed clove-lotion, take a tablespoon and drop the mixture on the wash cloth until its ALL soaked. Again in a down motion start with your face and go down everywhere. You will need to add the clove-lotion when the wash cloth “feels” dry, believe me you will figure it out. We did this for about 3 weeks and I cant find a scabies no matter where I look and I look EVERYDAY. We are going to do this for 34 days just to be sure and then stop. And pray we dont get reinfected! We had the Norwegian crusted scabies which isnt the “normal” scabies. We had been battling these pieces of shit for almost a year.

    Dilution rates for:
    Clove-lotion 5 parts lotion and 1 part clove oil with 1 oz of lemon extract oil.
    or Clove oil-cotton seed oil 4 parts cotton seed oil and 1 part clove oil.
    I prefer the lotion as it keeps my skin from getting too dry!

    91% alcohol-lemon extract spray, in a spray bottle with dilution scale 3 to 1 and 1 oz of lemon extract oil. Fill to the “fill” line on the bottle it self with water. Shake it up and your ready to kill them.

    We hope this will work for others as it has for us. This was a nitemare and we know EXACTLY what others are going through. This info we have departed to you was a trial and error experience from hell!

    • can't take it anymore says:

      when you say 5 parts lotion are you talking about cocoa butter

      • rick says:

        Yes! You need to use 5 parts otherwise it will really burn like hell, its going to burn but any less will bring tears to your eyes! I know I tried 3 parts lotion and 1 part clove oil and well it was hell.

      • rick says:

        Oh we have been free of the little shits from hell for 5 months now. No signs of them no bites from them nothing! This worked for us!

    • scottybizz says:

      Thank you for your comments on this Rick! I also mentioned using a microscope to diagnose yourself. What doctors charge for this is outrageous. Great info here. Once I have an opportunity to update the handout I will definitely mention all of this. Hopefully I can get cured by the same method. :) that’s why I wrote this article… to hear from people like you that have been cured

  36. wey says:

    Turmeric is a Godsend for these mite vampires. Put it all over when you are sleeping to help with inflammation of their picks/ bite. It stains so use clothes and bedding you are not worried about the dye stain.
    Your skin will thank you.

    Also for your eye try rose water to rinse with or turmeric water to wash the bacteria out.

  37. Richard H says:

    I took very hot bath with 2cups bleach, 2cups Kleen Free enzymes (Bought on Amazon 2cups of borax (20 mule teem Walmart) 1cup of epson salt ( i used the Dr Teals Lavender scented one you can get at Walmart) I also added some of the eucalyptus scented epson salt from Walmart It comes in a Jar and it is green. While Soaking I was washing my skin with a ruff wash cloth that helps take off dead skin and the Sulfur Scabies Soap I bought on Amazon. Bath for about one hour close your eyes and put your head under water get your head good. I spray my whole house with a misting of Windex all over everything including my carpet after the Carpet dried I sprinkle some 20 mule teem Borax all over the carpet let sit overnight and then Vacuum good and wipe everything down I sprayed my mattress down with Windex after it dried I put on a clean Mattress cover sprinkle a little 20 mule teem Borax on the on top of the mattress cover and then put on clean sheets. I ended up doing this twice a week for a month and it has been 2 weeks now and I have no symptoms.

  38. Sherrygirl75 says:

    For those of you with it in your eyes, is it demodex?

  39. Joan says:

    I have alot of white crusty stuff in my ears,i tried tea tree oil & by the next day it was even worse,plus it burned really bad.I have the same stuff in my eye brows & around my nose.Is there anything you can suggest?I’m going crazy please help!

    • scottybizz says:

      Hi Joan, I’m the author of this site. I’m no expert but have you heard of Norwegian crusted scabies? Just a thought. My recommendation is first diagnose. Go to a dermatologist and ask for a skin scraping off the infected area. Don’t let them dissuade you of it being parasites. If you know it is, then it is, but they can lab analyze the sample and you can go from there. You don’t need prescriptions right now…. you need a diagnosis.

  40. Carlos Melara says:

    You would use peppermint Oil soap in your shower and maintain your soap in your body as well as head and face during 15 minutes and later you would use clove oil soap. you would get that soaps in you can order 3 or 4 units of both oil which the company delivers your home within 2 or 3 day. That company is excellent with its service to customers. In addition, you would use alcohol of 70 degrees or 91 degrees and when you feel that a mite bites you, you should spray it in affected area. For the sanitation of floor you would use ammonia and spray it over floor or carpet every day. I hope that it could help you because I have had success with those ingredients.

  41. scottybizz says:

    Not trying to plug a website here but I just found a site called I just bought a TON of essential oils for really cheap. I usually use but the deal and selection were too good. Clove oil 2 oz for 6.69 and free shipping for all! I got eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and 3x 16oz bottles of Red Palm oil. Red Palm oil is a carrier oil I just found out. Google it for its benefits… it’s pretty amazing stuff by itself.

  42. rick says:

    Scotty I just read up on red palm oil and it is some very interesting information on it. Its not only a carrier oil but has been used for centurys for alot of ailments. Sounds like some good medicine to me!

    • scottybizz says:

      That was one potent bath hahaha. I put all those oils in one bath including the red Palm oil. The red Palm oil is really red. It coated my bathtub with reddish yellow kinda like iodine would. It’s probably great stuff, I feel like I just bathed in holy waters lol but it might stain so be careful. I might stay with coconut oil for the carrier oil. It also has a good aromatherapy quality to it as well. Man that clove oil sure is a cure all isn’t it? I had a major toothache and thought it was a cavity and put some clove oil on it. The dentist xrayed me and said there’s no cavity, it was just an infection and it was cured. He said how did you cure it? I said clove oil, and he said THAT’S WHAT WE USE how did you know that? I said I guess I’m pretty smart someone’s haha

  43. Edward says:

    this posting is well intentioned, but very wasteful…….. 1)permetherin 5% cream head to toe, don’t wash off for 12 hours… AT THE SAME TIME: 2.)wash&dry all bedding/clothes (dry long on HIGH heat). 3.)rotate unwashable items in the freezer (allow one set in for 24hours before placing the next set of items) ……..if the above fails, you did it improperly & to REPEAT #1,2,3 ………approved everywhere but U.S.: ivermectin is WONDERFUL adjunctive treatment (“200ug/kg” so to simplify it? 150lbs 15mg, 180lbs 18mg, 200lbs 20mg)

    • rick says:

      Edward have you had norwegian scabies? Maybe you should try those little shits, sounds to me like you had the regular stuff. Permetherin 5 times! DIDNT WORK! 12 hours or 24 hours! You cant tell me ANYTHING about how to get rid of them, you havent experienced this species! Before you judge know facts!

      • Edward says:

        tea tree oil, oatmeal, cayenne, etc. are COMFORT MEASURES for scabies….. I’m speaking as an anonymous CLINICIAN about CURATIVE TREATMENT.. Do everything I said the March 14 post.. Rick, if Norwegian, ivermectin is CRITICAL with the endless washing/drying… also bump 5% up to 10% permethrin (I’ve known many ppl who order a mixute for horses off Amazon & it was safe for humans, show in 8-12hrs)

      • rick says:

        Didnt use tea tree oil, cayenne or oatmeal! Dont know where you got that out of what we did to get rid of them ! You are not in the U.S. I am! The permethrin that you were talking about was 5% which is the only thing in the U.S. that you can get by prescription and even then your lucky to get it 2 times. They will not in most cases give anymore scrips for it! I agree with the 10%, however there are possible health affects to those that do it, just as there are using ivermectin both are poison! We used the ivermectin for horses, but in the U.S. its NOT authorized for humans so the medical community will not prescribe it! Its great your trying to help those that have not been able to get rid of this shit ! Good for you! We dont have the luxury of having free health care here and we do have big pharma making sure that Americans get THEIR products only! You say that ivermectin is “critical”, I agree because thats what WE used! Thats how we got rid of it along with CLOVE oil! Clove I can guarantee you is NOT a “comfort” oil! Timing is critical as well as I explained in my long post describing what we did to remove our un wanted house guests using the ivermectin! My problem with your first post was your not reading the other posts and learning that part of us were and in some cases may still be infested with the norwegian! And then ridiculing those that are trying to help others! I am NOT trained in the medical field AT ALL, what I did do was educate myself with research and trial and error! I applaud your statement about using “horse” permethrin and ivermectin to get rid of them, but I disagree with your statement about it being “safe” for anything or anyone, its still poison! As a “Clinician” that statement alone gives me heartburn.

  44. Michael Gi says:

    I happen to be a natural holistic health practitioner, not only have I had this issue in past, but I believe that rather then being frustrated, there are common denominators with how to handle this in a very simple way so that it is effective successful with as little pain as possible with what can be a very distressing situation. Excellent suggestions by many on this site by the way.

    I like to do simply what works, no theories! Having said that, I believe there may be a way to address all skin issues in a similar fashion regardless with what it is or the cause – usually infection (irrelevant of type) and toxicity or poisons/ chemical reactions. And they all involve skin changes due to local conditions that need to be changed so skin behaves normally versus reacts to the offending foreign substance!

    So let me provide some insights with what i have learned and would like to get people out of this potential mess that can wreak havoc with your mind when you feel you have no control over something that you can get complete control of if done properly. Again, many suggestions on site may be right on and i’ll explain why I believe so but will try to simplify it to make it all easier and effective.

    First of all, I’m sure many of these posts are truly related to mites, parasites, and/ or scabies, and some of the others may be, believe it or not, a mold or fungi ! Can produce similar symptoms and with some mentioning that “we don’t understand scabies, many are reporting picking up clothing from years in past and then find that they get re-infected.” This may be due to a fungal organism or what is sometimes referred to as a mycoplasma. They can seem to be dormant and then come in contact with skin and start to flourish again. Yet irrelevant of the cause, again, one can approach it a similar way that would be effective NOT ONLY for fungi, but for scabies and many other things as well including the allergens left by eggs, the secondary opportune infections etc. i also believe that’s why some have suggested doing internal cleansing as well cause it can liver or be internal if it is a fungi. But again, doesn’t matter if it’s scabies or fungi, I believe the same approach would work, is beneficial and needed.

    I believe that many of the suggestions like alcohol, sulfur, oils, steaming clothes, can also eradicate not only scabies, mites, bacterial and other infections, but also the mold.


    Yes, the body is the most important, cause if it comes in contact with it, you should have a barrier to prevent it from feeding on your body and taking hold. Normally the skin has to have a mildly acidic environment, what we call an acid mantle. Under these circumstances one has to have it more acidic to kill off the offending organism. To that end, yes anything that has menthol properties or menthol itself will intoxicate/ poison the infection ! And although, many items can work, like cayenne internally or externally mixed with a carrier oil, apple cider vinegar directly to affected area and oil of oregano (very powerful), any anti-fungal oils, peppermint, olive oil, etc. but I believe that truly the best approach that addresses not only easily killing off or slaughtering this infectious organism, but also address any potential allergens, poisons to neutralize and the inflammation / swelling and reactions of the skin without too much pain or discomfort experienced during application IS *** OZONATED OLIVE OIL ***. I would recommend the paste consistency thicker type with has higher ozone content which turns to peroxides within oil for applying directly to affected areas, and then the lightly ozonated olive oil can buy less expensively in larger quantity then the paste to apply all over the body for protection. This simple one item can address inflammation / swelling, primary and secondary infections, neutralizing any allergens and chemical or poisons and give you incredibly soft supple skin like a baby’s behind. In fact many people are surprised to learn they no longer have wrinkles!! Great for moles, skin tags and skin issues of all kinds!


    Also i think it’s important that you get this off of clothes and bedding as well, so any time you put any piece of clothing on, immediately before placing it onto you, steam it immediately with a small hand steamer, well worth the investment to eradicate quickly and can use to clean so many things, including bed bugs, mites from mattresses, stains, etc. Once you cycle through all your clothing by steaming before wearing it, by the time you know it all your clothes will be sterilized, nothing can survive a hot steam! Of course prior to going to bed, can do the same thing, immediately before bed, steam! Continue to do these things until your symptoms are gone for at least a full week.

    Be conscious of all items that come in contact with your body. Also, antibiotics are mold if this happens to be a mold issue. Have you taken too many? Is you home harboring any mold? ozone generators or machines can help to rid of mold in rooms/ homes, cars. And yes do remember to wipe down seats in car and anything you come in contact with.

    If you need to learn how to cleanse properly and do internal cleanses feel free to contact me. i help others with reconditioning their body cause we are all aging too fast. Preserve your body and enjoy a greater quality of life. No need to suffer and just survive, we prefer you thrive – feel like tackling live again not be limited by it. You’ll be surprised at all the vested monied interests including the medical profession that dont’ seem to offer permanent cures but band-aid approaches. You shouldn’t fear your body, but celebrate it and know that there is an answer to everything and there are people here to support you. God Bless!!

    • scottybizz says:

      Thank you for your comments! @Michael Gi. Good advice! You are correct of course, Fungi and allergies are commonly mistaken for parasites. Myself and others recommend skin scraping and a microscope that hooks up to your computer to take pictures for diagnosis. It is possible to see mold spores in this fashion also.

      The point of this handout is to do exactly what you are talking about. No theories. Not 1000’s of product ideas but a detailed step by step cure with a handful of products. I will take your advice into account when I rewrite this handout. Please feel free to add anything else that you think beneficial and thanks again :)

    • Barbara says:

      I would like to know how to do a internal cleanse please.

  45. Michael Gi says:

    Keep affected areas smothered with ozonated olive oil !!!! IVE USED EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN FOR ALMOST A DECADE AND THIS STUFF WORKS WHEN NOTHING ELSE TOUCHED IT!! THIS INCLUDES A STUBBORN PSORIASIS PATCH LEFT OVER. Suffocate the infection, don’t let it dry up! Re-apply often.

  46. Michael Gi says:

    FOR ALL INFECTIONS OF ANY TYPE, AND Yes fungal organisms or MOLD can have similar symptoms to scabies where people believe they have mites, and red swollen bumps appear on skin then believe to have eggs etc, when it’s skin inflaming and reacting to the mold. BY THE WAY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE APPLYING PEROXIDE, ALCOHOL, VINEGARS OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT DRIES YOUR SKIN AND STRIPS YOUR SKIN OF NATURAL OILS – YOU ARE STRIPPING YOUR PROTECTIVE BARRIER AND IT WILL LEAVE YOUR SKIN VULNERABLE TO INFECTION WHEN COMES IN CONTACT WITH IT. MUST MOISTURIZE SKIN AND At this time should use an oil that has a menthol property, again best one i recommend is ozonated olive oil without that discomfort feeling from other oils with multiple benefits.

  47. Ok All, here’s a story for Ya,
    Back in about 1998, I had a female roommate from Japan. She traveled the World quite a bit and I suspect she had lice, as many EVENING I would see her scratch her legs and feet to the point of bleeding. On what looked to be tiny rashes. And what I later found to was actually scabies. I only found out 2 1/2 years later when she returned to Japan and was seen by her family doctor and she then gave me a call to look into it. Oh…, she was a very attractive girl and super Hot figure.

    That said, I never slept with her even though I wished we had. And we came rather close once…, but Oh Well : ( haha

    Well to make a long story shorter, I noticed whenever I would go out for drinks, my fingers and toes would get little raised surface bumps. Not really itchy but a tiny bit irritated. This went on from 1998 to 2008. Never any major itching or redness. Only noticeable when drinking alcohol.

    Then in 2008, I have at my center back, around a 1 inch diameter of an super intense itch that lasted about 5 days, non-stop. And this was while traveling in the Mid-West for work. Well let me tell you, on that 5th day, all Hell broke lose. The itch went from my center back to my entire body. Tiny Tunnels and Blisters from my Neck to my Toes. All in a matter of hours. I assume the nest of eggs had hatched (in hindsight). So I asked my colleagues what they thought and a gentleman advised me that he thought it might be scabies. As he’d had them before and thought that my rashes looked the same.

    Next day, back to NYC. Went to the Doctor. Sure as Heck…., was the dreaded…., SCABIES. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    Was prescribed, LINDANE. Worked like a CHARM! HOWEVER, my bed was the issue now. Covered the Bed, washed all the clothing and bedding in Hot Water. Had to change the lining in some of my outerwear clothing.

    For the most part, I have removed all the Scabies from my body on a regular basis. BUT, they do remain on my Feet at varying times. I have beaten them so many times. Only to have them return a weeks to a month later. I no longer use LINDANE as it is costly and toxic. I use to buy it from Canada online but that was outlawed.

    So, in 2010, I was on a business trip to China, I found that you can buy many SULFUR CREAM products for this very problem. No Doctor’s prescription needed. And really inexpensive. I came back with a Shoe Box full of the stuff. I am currently on my 4 tube of the stuff in 4 yrs. I had these things beaten up until 2 days ago. My feet currently have 5 locations in total that I am battling.

    So I realize, my shoes all need treatment. Tomorrow I will purchase BORAX or BORIC POWDER. I am now researching to find which is safer and more effective. I realize they are similar and a derivative I believe. But I hope to soon be free of these critters. Have been since 1998 – 2014. Not having symptoms from 1998 – 2008 was a Blessing. But the past 6 years have been a off and on battle at times. But I play to WIN!

    FYI, the Cream in CHINA reads in Chinese Characters but also has some words in English. Friends assisted me when I was there. Reads as follows:


    I have no idea how anyone can get it here in the USA but I did google it and it shows on the web.


  48. I am morgan anderson, Since the Year 2001, life has been up and down for me and my precious Wife Trina. I had Colon Cancer and my wife Trina has Ovarian cancer, this diseases has been with us for the past 12 years, we undergo Chemo and Radiation just once and we were advise by the Doctor not to go for more Chemo and Radiation. Lucky for us, we heard about Rick Simpson Oil which so many people have testified to have cure their cancer within some period of time. Got connected with a lot of people and was then recommended to Dr. Bobby for procurement of Hemp Oil medication. It is with Great joy from my heart and that of my wife that we want to inform you all that my colon cancer and my wife Trina Ovarian cancer has been cured within the Treatment period of 4 months. We got our medication from Dr. Bobby who was recommended to us by several people that cannabis oil from him, so also am recommending you all to procure you Rick Simpson cannabis oil from him,, we are now a happy family with total unity and love in us. don’t allow this diseases to ruin the joy of your life, Hemp oil is the Best medication ever and i was opportune to meet Dr. Bobby and Rick Simpson in Person: get your Cannabis Medication now and start healing yourself, contact Dr. bobby once more oThann: ks to you Dr. Bobby and Rick Simpson for all the help that was rendered to me and my jewel family. Dr. Bobby in conjunction with Rick Simpson Saved my family. Thanks, so many Thanks to you both, gratitude is indeed in my heart. Thanks. Best Regards, morgan anderson

  49. Donna says:

    Im confused do you mix the salt with the hydrogen? If yes how much of each and do you spray your furniture with this mixture????

  50. Rick says:

    My name is Rick Simpson, I and my team have been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years also,i have provided my oil to so many countries,collection of patients,caregivers, doctors, dispensaries, corporations, and activists that advocate for the use of cannabis extract medicine to treat serious diseases such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, and other disorders worldwide.
    In aggregate, the movement has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that cannabis extracts can eliminate various types of
    cancers in humans, and can control diseases that traditional pharmaceuticals are ineffective against.
    The results have been nothing short of amazing. Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge hemp has always been used as a political and religious football.
    The current restrictions against hemp were put in place and maintained, not because hemp is evil or harmful, but for big money to make more big money, while we suffer and die needlessly. Look at a proposal such as this; if we were allowed to grow hemp in our back yards and cure our own illnesses, what do you think the reaction of the pharmaceutical industry would be to such a plan? Many large pharmaceutical companies that still exist today sold hemp based medicines in the 1800′s and early 1900′s. They knew then what I have recently found out. Hemp oil if produced properly is a cure-all that the pharmaceutical industry can’t patent.
    I have come with a brand new plan of making this hemp oil sufficient for people who are beyond reach.For all cancer patients who lives in the Europe,Asia,Canada and USA, contact us on: for your oil to be delivered to you wherever you are in the world.
    This is a miracle oil that guarantees you a total eradication.Do not play with your cancerous disease as many have used this oil and testifed so what then are you waiting for,use the hemp oil and bounce back to life…health is wealth.

  51. Liz says:

    Hi. Where can I find that cream ung. Ad vulnera? Does anyone know. I read it’s a sure cure and fast.

    • Brooklyn Mike says:

      Not sure if you are speaking of the CREAM I mentioned above. I just found that the sites have a translation. Great! Maybe you can contact the following I just found on the web page:

      Company Name: Ningbo fold blessing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
      Production Address: Cixi City Longshan Postal Code: 315311
      Telephone number: 0574-63780150 Fax: 0574-63788136
      Network Address:

  52. kaz says:

    If you have had scabies symptoms for more than a couple of months, you don’t have scabies. I thought i had scabies for nearly a year, and i did all the different types of treatments, which cost a fortune. my skin was a disaster and was going crazy with all the cleaning and not having contact with people. Well i made a very interesting discovery… I had morgellons disease which is an autoimmune disease (not that they will say it is) I am 100 % better by fixing my gut which is were 70% of your immunity is and reducing STRESS. I have a proticol that works, but it will mean you have to change your diet to totally exclude Gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, most grains as well as other foods.
    If you have been using a microscope to check out what is coming out of your skin, i will put a link below for you to cut and paste in your browser so you can see what morgellons is. Good Luck

  53. Heather says:

    Okay so I’ve had this scabies bull crap for about three weeks in running but only my little brother and I have it. Anybody else that comes into contact with us doesn’t get scabies at all. But when I go to my girlfriends house it stops . When I come back home I get it again. What the hell man.

    • Jessica says:

      I would probably move in with my friend,lol! Hope you get better soon! Horrible little life suckers need to die!

    • scottybizz says:

      Hi Heather, just my opinion but it doesn’t sound like scabies. Sounds like your problem is an allergy that gives you outbreaks. Scabies doesn’t just stop when you change locations. Bed bugs hide in beds. They are locational. Again I recommend you see a good dermatologist and get it diagnosed when you’re breaking out. Once diagnosed you can either treat naturally or in the case of an allergy, avoid the thing you’re allergic to. In the case of bed bugs, you can treat your house. Hope this helps :)

    • It sounds like you are allergic to something in your house. The above poster is right, they just don’t stop because you are in a different location then start up again. Do you have burrows? Fine loopy lines and/or raised crusty tunnels coming off your bites? Are you so itchy you want to rip your skin off especially at night? If you don’t have those symptoms you most likely don’t have scabies. Go to the doctor for confirmation.

  54. Jessica says:

    I have been suffering now for only about a month and don’t know how you could last eight years with these horrible things. I feel like shooting myself already. I bought some stuff for $150 a few weeks ago that has been nothing but a turn down. Whoever said that these life suckers don’t go on your face obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about. I was hoping that the stuff I got would work only to find more each day. Funny thing is that about two months ago I thought I felt something crawling up my back,went to the bathroom and thought the little white spec’s were dead skin. Then I wondered why my back was breaking out so bad before diagnosing myself. Thank god for the microscope my kids have to see the little bastards that had been feasting on me. So hopeful the stuff would help only to find more and more each morning. Now my whole face is covered and they are even burrowing into the corner of my lips. Today is a new start for me and something you mentioned in your advice is the very thing I think will kill these horrible things. The diatomaceous earth. You can buy a huge bag they use for animal food that is food grade for very cheap.. It’s about $15 for five lbs. I took the powder and mixed it with body wash and watched them wash in the shower. I also did the tea tree baths but noticed many more come off in the shower when the water beats down on them. I got out and was pleasantly surprised when s scab I have had was red and bleeding instead of the white crust it had been. I am going to sprinkle it on my bed and carpet and do all the normal cleaning. I am also going to add some to water and drink it. It will cleanse you from the inside and gets out any parasites inside of you. I really hope this will work and will let you know how it goes. I really feel for you and hope that you can cure yourself of these horrible things cause I don’t think I could last for two more weeks with this. I wish I had known what it was when I first felt them cause I think I have them bad. Best wishes to you and thank you for all your advice!!! 😃

  55. Brown Ron says:

    use raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar internally in combination with probiotics.

  56. Dawn says:

    Has anyone tried using eyebright (1 drop in 15ml of water and wiped over closed eyes – you don’t need to get it inside) – it is a great cure for conjunctivitis, dry itchy eyes, etc.?

  57. Dawn says:

    Make sure that you only use 1 drop per 15ml – more is not better!!

  58. Jessica says:

    So I am terrified now that I have discovered that what I thought I had for only weeks has been eating me up for almost a year now. I had swelling in my feet and ankles and was suffering with hair loss nearly a year ago and couldn’t figure out what it was. Since discovering I have scabies almost two months ago I thought that they were only on my upper body. Of course it couldn’t be that easy. As I was showering one day about a week ago they start literally pouring out of my ankles and legs. I moved into my bathroom and cry almost all day now with no contact with any of my loved ones. I am covered from head to toe with these things and nothing is working. I wish I knew early on I had these so it wouldn’t have gotten this bad. They are eating me up. Not one square inch of me doesn’t have millions of them. I don’t think this is” normal” , they are in my lips, all over my face including my eye lids, on my ears and they go from my head under my hair all the way down to the bottom of my feet. I don’t know what to do anymore and am seriously thinking I should just shoot myself because I can’t handle it anymore. They have grown so big that you don’t need a microscope to see them and any where I scratch they start oozing out. I am so depressed I can’t sleep and just wish I could shave my skin off. I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else cause it’s by far the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. I only pray that my young children don’t get it and feel horrible having to shew them away. If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be writing this. I really hope nobody else gets it like this and thank everyone for all the advice and stories. I don’t think people understand what we go through unless they have been here. Thanks again!

    • Scott says:

      Jessica, please don’t hurt yourself. This is my blog and I’ve been infected for a long time but it gets better I promise. Go see a dermatologist regularly. You can get it under control with natural sources and possibly cure it completely. But even if you don’t, don’t be too hard on yourself!!! just go out and live life and be happy while trying to treat as much as possible. Don’t dump a ton of money into it. Just listen to people’s advise and take good essential oil baths every day. But definitely see a specialist first and find it what you have. Best if luck :)

  59. rick says:

    Have you looked at these creatures under a microscope? THAT is your 1st PRIORITY!!!!! DO NOT ASSUME YOU HAVE SCABIES! Beg borrow or steal a microscope! DONT SHOOT YOURSELF!!!!!! It will get BETTER once you KNOW what you have! DO NOT depend on the Western Medical Community, most if not all are USELESS!

  60. Jessica says:

    I do have a microscope and know that it is definitely scabies, the crusted ones. There are just so many that’s what the problem is. I feel okay after a good shower and hopeful but every morning it gets worse. My feet and ankles started swelling up nearly a year ago. I thought it was bad circulation or something like that. Now I find that they are literally swollen cause there are so many of them in there. I have a cut on top of my foot and they started pouring out in the shower. It’s horrible. I am thinking about going to the ER but from all the things I have heard I don’t think anyone can help me. I know I shouldn’t let this control my life but I can feel them moving on me and see them all over so it’s all I can think about. I haven’t left my house in months now. They are all over my face and I’m too self conscious. I am normally the kind of girl that likes to put on a little makeup and something cute before leaving the house. I’m seriously going nuts. Thanks for listening and your advice.

    • Did you see the scabies mites under your microscope? Because you can’t see them with the naked eye. They do not flow out of cuts. Go see a doctor dear, an infectious disease doctor. He/she will tell you if you have crusted scabies.

      • scottybizz says:

        Yes I agree. Scabies are microscopic, you have something else and I would wager yours might be easier to treat. Scabies is incredibly resilient. Other mites are usually easier to treat. Go see a specialist. They’ll probably give you permethrin cream. Go ahead and try it and then vacation from your house for a few weeks, see if it does the trick.

  61. Jessica says:

    They are microscopic and you can clearly see them through the microscope. Is there a way to up load pictures on here? I can do 400x the size and you can see the eight feet and little hair that comes out. It’s horrible. I can also see the eggs and the younger ones that have not fully developed. I think they started in my legs almost a year ago and went unnoticed because I didn’t react to them. I found out that the body wash I normally use called Aragon oil of morocco really helps and probably kept them under control on my legs. I noticed them once I got the bad rash on my back after feeling what I thought was something crawling up my back. I would look in the mirror and think the tiny white spec’s were dead skin. Then my back broke out really bad so I got out the microscope. I had heard of scabies before and knew when I saw them that’s what they were. I know you can’t see them without a microscope but with so many and knowing what they are I can. There are many dead ones that are fully grown and are much bigger than the live one’s down deeper in the skin. I am. Definitely going to the Dr. I have tried all the natural stuff and I think because of how many there are I need the strong stuff. I would love to share some photos if possible. My microscope has a USB and I have some really good ones. Thanks again for your advice and support!😊

    • scottybizz says:

      No problem Jessica :) I love making people aware of what steps to take and diagnosis. It’s treating that’s the difficult part. Writing this blog is my way of dealing with my own infection too lol helping other people to take the right steps and stay sane. Doctors can be misleading sometimes. No disrespect to doctors, it’s just… they screw this particular subject up ALL THE TIME with misdiagnosis or just using blanket treatments and so on. Anyways I got a similar microscope on Amazon but I got the 1000x usb one. Sounds like 400x does the trick that’s good to know! I would recommend upload to an album on photobucket or something and paste the links. I’m really interested to see them. This is my first blog so I’m not sure. You’re absolutely right about the adults. They hang out on the skin in the open. That’s why people use diatemaceous earth DE. It cracks the shell of the adults out in the open and kills them, but does nothing to the eggs and shell-less babies buried deep in the skin which is the real problem. If the doctors medications don’t work don’t discount natural remedies, just my opinion take care

      • Jessica says:

        I took your advice and went to the ER today. It’s definitely crusted scabies and from what they said one of the worst case’s they had ever seen. Three different Dr came in to see it. Hopefully this script will knock em out. I just wish I had noticed them sooner. Like I said my feet and ankles started swelling nearly a year ago and I didn’t know why. I am a hairstylist so thought it was just from working. I even examined my feet and ankles many times and thinking back they did get horribly itchy at times. Now I have been out of work for two months and had to call my clients and let them know. Luckily I have a assistant that would do the shampooing so most of the time I had gloves on and I wash my hands hundreds of times a day. I have read a bunch of things online and out of everything I found this blog to be the most helpful and can’t thank you enough for making it. Without experiencing it on your own I don’t think you understand how horrible it is and how awful it makes you feel. Most dr’s probably haven’t had it so don’t take it so serious. All the information on here is what has helped me cope and for that I really appreciate it. I read many places that they don’t go on your face and besides my legs and feet my face is the worst. I cried when I found them in my lips. I’m sure I have probably eaten a few,lol. Well their eating me so why not….jk. This truly is a horrible thing to get, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Oh yeah and the purple baby bed time lotion kills them good too. I started using it a few days ago and think if you have just a mild case of normal scabies ( not crusted) it can probably knock em out. I was surprised how good it worked. You can see them coming out and drying up. Not sure what it is that is in there that does it but it smells great and makes your skin baby butt smooth too. I will let you know how the permithirin cream works and get a link to some pictures too. Think pictures are a great tool to help people know what to look out for and what they look like. Thanks one last time Scott for all your help and support. It’s nice to know their are good people out there that like helping others and understand first hand 😘

      • scottybizz says:

        No problem :) there’s lots of us here that know what you’re going through. Hopefully you’re first treatment is also the last treatment, but your welcome back anytime good luck!!!

  62. Jim says:

    I tried Nature’s Eradicator Enzyme, and believe me it works great, tried other enzyme products, but Nature’s is much stronger and works great for my scabies problem. Put it in a spray bottle full strength and spray it and rub up a lather.
    You have to try it. I bought mine right from Amazon.

  63. Jim says:

    I forgot to thank Scott Brogan and all the other stories. I have had a scabies problem for about ten years. I don’t think it’s the average scabies, because it doesn’t itch or rash like I see in a lot of photos, but there’s a scab and like you can’t peel it off, it’s attached to tight, and when you can it’s painful and the dam think just keeps coming back. The spots on my arm are no healing really good, before they would just be sores after using Permethrin Cream, and like they just don’t heal, always picking at them, but within three days of using Nature’s Eradicator there’ almost healed. You need to buy a small bottle and try it yourself.
    Thank so much to everyone at this site.

    • scottybizz says:

      Hey Jim, I was wondering about that product!! Good to know it works :) if anything I have said helped you you’re very welcome. I’ve learned from other people and trial and error same as everyone. I’m going to finally try the eradicator. Just remember.. you need do the essential oil baths as well. The two go hand in hand. The enzymes annihilate the adults and anything else on the top of the skin but the oils finish the job by penetrating the skin deep. (Use a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil). Use the enzymes first, THEN the oils. I recommend an enzyme bath, soak, then wait 6+ hours, then an essential oil bath. It’s so refreshing. Good for you and helpful. And if you want to go the extra mile, use salt from dead sea, or the Himalayan pink sea in with your baths. This is my routine and its unbelievable. You’ll never feel more refreshed.

      • Jessica says:

        After months of suffering for something that has been eating me up for nearly a year I thought I was going to just have to learn to deal with it. I have tried everything out there and taken any advice with open arms. Well my friends who know this horrible feeling suffer no more!!! I found the cure to these horrible things and if you want to feel great and have instant results try this and thank me later. There is no need to soak in a bath with them, don’t have to spend a bunch of money or go to the Dr. The cure is probably right there in your bathroom where mine was all along. Today is a great day and I can’t wait to see my family in the next day or two. I am watching as they pop off me suffocating. My husband couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only are they popping off I am also not irritated as usual and have a pleasant smell. So go look in your bathroom and if not the nearest super market and get the best thing you will ever try and the last. Baby powder, yes, I am so happy to have tried by total error finding it while cleaning my room. Thought that maybe it would make them not stick but not only did it do that they are seriously jumping out of my skin. Everyone needs to know that this is all you need. It is suffocating them and now they can’t stick back on you or anyone else. Please pass this on and end the torture of these horrible things!😊

  64. Cynthia Zimmerman says:

    How can you see them ‘popping off’ when they are microscopic?

    • Jessica says:

      Just because something is microscopic doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t see it without a microscope. After almost a year I am covered from head to toe with these horrible things. They are everywhere and it’s the most horrific thing. They are even all over my head under my hair. When you apply baby powder it is nice and smooth, minutes later it looks like saw dust and you can see the little things coming out. They are not flying off and literally popping but it has worked better than anything else I have tried. This is by far the worst thing I have ever been through. I will be going to see an infectious disease specialist because I have millions of them on me and even though the baby powder is helping I can’t keep up with how many there are. I can’t believe this could even happen and don’t know why nothing is helping. I have been going through this since July when I found out what it was and have tried everything. They are in my lips, eye lids, hands, feet, under my hair and even on the inside of my nose. I have a microscope that does 3d pictures and videos and will be posting pictures soon. I am so covered you can’t not see them. They look like little specs of skin without the microscope but with it there is a whole world of them on me. The crusts are crazy, they make nests of little babies that look like they are all connected with some kind of hairy looking fibers and without the microscope you can see the little ones and they are perfectly spaced apart. It looks like something from another planet. It’s horrible and I think unless you have been there it’s hard to believe but there is no reason anyone would want to say that they have them. I hate how I feel and how I look. Miss my loved ones more than anything and spend the day and night in the bathroom freaking out trying anything to get them off. I really don’t know what to do anymore and hope a specialist can help.

  65. anne says:

    Ivermectin kills scabies in humans and animals, you can buy it as horse wormer and sheep wormer at farm animal stores like mole valley farmers scats ect. Or ask your doctor to prescribe it. Leave your house and car for 30 days and mites will die, Don’t go in the house or car for a month treat yourself with the ivermectin while you are away.

  66. Iwas advised by someone at morgellons organisation uk to use white vinegar in the bath with salt . I have tried this and the first bath was an eye opener … when I emptied the water… (I use a hair trap sieve which slows down the rate it empties) I was shocked to see the hundreds of dead mites at the bottom of the bath. It was revolting! I also keep a small spray bottle with me filled with vinegar and a few drops of oregano oil . They hate it… ive also used a paste of magnesium sulphate thinned slightly with vinegar which is amazing… it draws the b…..s out of their hiding places and keeps on working for quite some time.
    I’ve got very sensitive skin and find peroxide useful but can burn like crazy.
    Thanks for the info on your site… of course my doctors have got me down as suffering from a dellusional illness.. I’ve gad no help whatsoever, except from morgellons… I am so grateful for that.

    • scottybizz says:

      Hello, you’re welcome Stella. :) If you can see them with the naked eye their not scabies. Scabies are microscopic. Just fyi. But treatments are pretty much the same. Just make sure you know exactly what you have! Take some skin scrapings and use a 1000x microscope to diagnose yourself. I have one that takes pictures to my laptop. Good luck!!

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